CDCr counterpunch: New rulez designed to silence prison protest

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June 13, 2014 by socialaction2014

Moorbey'z Blog

by Mutope Duguma

To all officers and personnel within the CDCr* who have not fully grasped the state of our affairs as it relates to the events of the last three years, in particular “those damn hunger strikes,” if I could read your mind, this is what I think I’d hear you say:

In a scene little changed since slavery, prisoners at Angola, the 18,000-acre former plantation that now serves as the Louisiana State Penitentiary, the largest maximum security prison in the U.S., are marched out to the fields for a long day of unpaid work.

We will not tolerate “our” prisoners getting out of line, no matter how bad we treat them, because we are the authority here, and this each and every one of you will come to know in time. We will pass policies that will restrict any prisoners from speaking out to the public. [Editor’s note: Under CDCr’s proposed new censorship regulations, publications like the Bay View that publish prisoners’ articles for the public to read could be permanently banned from all California prisons.]

We will consider any rhetoric that protests our torture of prisoners to be…

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