Government policies of deceit.

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June 9, 2014 by socialaction2014

 Government policies of deceit.

A letter a day to number 10. No 765.

Tuesday 10 June 2014. Government policies of deceit.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Deceit is an ugly trait especially in the hands of government. Your latest government stunt is to name and shame what are clearly small businesses for not paying the minimum wage. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have protected the names of two big organisations, a Premier League football club and a recruitment agency, claiming they dealt with these cases through the civil route, so their rules on taxpayer confidentiality apply. Not so the small fry, the 25 named sprats owed employees £43,000 whilst the mackerels owed £194,500 between the two of them.

Whilst that all looks and smells fishy, I note the biggest fish and worst offender is entirely absent; the DWP and Workfare. Figures are hard to come by but at the end of 2012 it was estimated that 850,000 people had been sent on one scheme alone, working for benefits, which are the merest fraction of the minimum wage, yet people are forced into this slave labour under the threat of sanctions.

What is the HMRC response to this I wonder? With potential fines at £20,000 per slave that’s £17bn from offending companies. That would save Osborne and us from his promised further £12bn in Welfare cuts with enough left over to keep Eric Pickles in biscuits for life.

Of course, no such action will be taken, that’s the grand deceit of Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP, their driving people into slavery and poverty is, as government policy, exempt from lawful criminal redress as the police have informed me and others in our attempts to seek justice.

The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission report that 3.5 million children are expected to be in absolute poverty in Britain in 2020, five times the target. In fact your government will be responsible for this being the first decade since records began in 1961 not to see a fall in absolute child poverty.

You were co-chair of a UN meeting in Liberia at which you said “eradicating extreme poverty” should be the focus of a new set of international development goals. The rise in poverty in the UK is not the failure of government, it is being driven by government policy. Lord Freud may say he finds it hard to understand why people go to food banks, but as a Guardian headline in 2013 aptly put it, ‘Food banks are testimony to the Tories massacre of hope and dignity’ in which, in his deceit, Freud is fully complicit.£12bn-more-welfare-cuts-where-will-his-axe-fall — in Peasedown Saint John.


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