The use and abuse of a nation

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April 12, 2014 by socialaction2014

The use and abuse of a nation

A letter a day to number 10. No 712.

Sunday 13 April 2014. The use and abuse of a nation.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

The use and abuse of performance schemes by your government to further undermine services that you are strafing through cuts is despicable and deplorable, not least because they are being used as a means to further your privatisation agenda.

Teachers pay grades being judged on their voluntary extra curricular activities is a travesty and following guidelines from a minister who has a transparent agenda to privatise education is merely enforcing a culture of fools. Gove, like Hunt, is neither qualified or experienced in anything other than pursuing market opportunities.

You are nothing if not the head of a government of double standards. If extra curricular activities were any guide to being fit for purpose, then you and your government would and should not only be sacked but arrested and tried for fraud and dereliction of duty to the nation.

Your messianic notion of a big society is entirely based on profit. There is an expression, ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune’, thanks to Labour and now you and your government that has been turned into coercion without the inconvenient necessity of pay. Your notion of a big society is all about breaking the bond between work and pay, transforming it into a duty subject not to reward but penalisation for a lack of subservience.

Iain Duncan Smith is the high priest in your church of unreason, work without reward is his mission and his benediction is in sanctioning even the little the law stipulates that people need to live on.

If there was anything resembling justice left in this nation, you and your government would be held to account for the poverty and misery that you dish out and for your arrogant hypocrisy in enjoying all the benefits that you take from us and which so many of you abuse. — in Peasedown Saint John.

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