‘Crime After Crime’: An Inspiring Tale of Abuse, Injustice and a Fight for Freedom

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April 11, 2014 by socialaction2014


“Crime After Crime is a legal thriller, a genre that is built on suspense, intrigue and discovery.” – Yoav Potash

Those who end up in the unlawful clutches of an almighty and complicated American ‘justice system’ rarely get out with any sort of ease or swifteness. Even with a polished or tenacious defence lawyer, once inside, prisoners are usually in for the long haul. So was the case of Deborah Peagler whose harrowing journey was chronicled in Yoav Potash’s gripping 2011 vérité style documentary, Crime After Crime.

Crime After Crime

Amidst the stark landscape of Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, we find an unforgettable tale of a battered woman trapped inside the cemented walls of an unscrupulous justice system. At the core of Potash’s film is the shocking statistic that 80% of incarcerated women in America are survivors of some form of domestic violence, rape or abuse.

Potash uses…

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