The way to deal with relentless government corruption, oppression and injustice is to relentlessly oppose it.

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April 10, 2014 by socialaction2014

The way to deal with relentless government corruption, oppression and injustice is to relentlessly oppose it.

A letter a day to number 10. No 709.

Thursday 10 April 2014. The way to deal with relentless government corruption, oppression and injustice is to relentlessly oppose it.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Even in Miller’s resignation letter she has shown no remorse for her actions. Despite your cleverly and deceitfully worded statement to her that it was, ‘important to be clear that the Committee on Standards cleared you of the unfounded allegations made against you.’ She still did wrong. In my own life I too have got away with millions of things I have never done. It was the ones I did do that proved problematic. The fact that she stopped her expenses claim when the expenses scandal broke is a clear indication that she was paying attention and knew what she was doing.

It is beyond belief that she, or any of you, handle your financial affairs so badly that these ‘little’ accidents of inattention happen. Just as it cannot possibly have been an accident that Osborne claimed for his paddock. The man’s a millionaire, he and his family don’t sit in a back parlour with a writing pad and pencil working out their finances. If he hasn’t got accountants looking after his wealth he’s a pot boiled idiot. You can only stretch credibility so far and then it snaps.

When Iain Duncan Smith raged at senior aide, Dr Vanessa Gearson, reducing her to tears, for exposing his expenses fiddles in an email to Conservative Central Office and demanded that the email be ‘expunged’ from the central server, he knew exactly what he was doing and revealed himself for the obnoxious bully he really is.

MPs who had voluntarily paid back expenses that they weren’t entitled to were secretly offered refunds, like the £15,000 Sir John Butterfill got back which he’d claimed to run the servants’ quarters at his Surrey mansion. These are not accidents or oversights, any more than the student who was jailed for six months for stealing £3.50 worth of water bottles from a supermarket during the London riots, did so as an oversight or an accident.

This is all about double standards and unbelievable arrogance and greed from people paid via the public purse who, because of their overweening sense of self worth and privilege, believe they can get away with crimes that we, the general public, would be sacked, arrested, tried and convicted for without question.

Miller has come to represent the tip of a wholly corrupt iceberg in which parliament, and your party in particular, represent nothing less than a gang of thieves who use and abuse your positions to get away with actions that would see the rest of us banged up. Every day that the oppression and hardship that you are meting out to the ordinary people of this country continues and grows, so too will the pressure to end this most corrupt of all UK governments and that justice be seen to be done. — with Gav Exit Point Westwood and Gavinda Ji in Peasedown Saint John.

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