Thank god for the working classes, who else could the rich feed off?

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March 16, 2014 by socialaction2014

Thank god for the working classes, who else could the rich feed off?

A letter a day to number 10. No 683.

Sunday 16 March 2014. Thank god for the working classes, who else could the rich feed off?

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Dear Mr Cameron,

My grateful thanks must go to Margaret Hodge and the Guardian for revealing the cost of privatisation in the denationalisation of the state, something I have been trying in vain to uncover for some weeks now. Of course some outsourcing for goods and services is inevitable but what I have wanted to question is whether these costs are reasonable and whether they deliver value for money to the tax paying public who foot the bills?

Each time an enquiry is announced it’s a golden tap for public money in a nation that according to you is so cash strapped it cannot even look after its most vulnerable people. The Levison enquiry alone cost us £5.4 million, nearly £4 million of which went in wages.

The total bill to the nation for goods and services is around £185 billion, with £100 billion going to ‘huge private companies’. Quite how much of this privatised money is raked off as profit remains a mystery but clearly you consider that we can afford to pay shareholders where we cannot afford the jobless, the hungry, the sick and disabled or children.

On top of all this out sourcing of public money there is also the in-house money sump of special advisers and other government hangers on. Philippa Stroud, for example, a special adviser to Duncan Smith, saw her pay increase by 36% from £69,250 to £94,000 last year. It is impossible to imagine that Stroud could possibly work harder that a nurse in any hospital A&E department or be more dedicated, and yet who can look forward to a pay rise of 1% at best from the privatise the health services minister, Jeremy Hunt.

Your empty rhetoric that we are all in this together are the weasel words of a spoilt brat with public money to burn. You have grabbed the national golden pot of taxation and laid waste to the people who pay them for the private and personal gain of the few at the vast expense, even to life itself, of the many. — in Peasedown Saint John.

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