Contempt for life!

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February 11, 2014 by socialaction2014

Contempt for life!

A letter a day to number 10. No 649.

Tuesday 11 February 2014. Contempt for life!

Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish to send your own copy please feel free to copy and paste, and alter for your own needs, the text for your own letter.

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Also on the website, download the support compilation three album set from Atona. Not to be missed.

Dear Mr Cameron,

This country is in the midst of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis and why is this? So that you can bring about the end of the welfare state and sell off Britain for profit.

When David Freud said, ‘We’ve got the circumstances now where… people who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks – they’ve got least to lose’, he demonstrated his absolute contempt for the lives of ordinary people. It is now clear that Iain Duncan Smith, Freud, McVey and the DWP care nothing for the lives of those they persecute, punish and destroy.

When I see people reduced to tears, their faces like lead, their burdens too great, their grasp on life reduced to such a fragile state they don’t know how to go on, then I know what hatred is. It is you and your government.

Your drive to end state provision in favour of private provision is without sense or reason. Every penny gained as profit is a national loss in tax payers money and a loss of service and provision. Competition is not a drive to excellence or better provision, it is a drive to cheapness and loss of provision to maximise profits. It is daylight robbery.

This is Britain’s darkest hour, the failure of two world wars to prevent fascism from darkening our shores. We are now living with the enemy within, champions of neoliberalism, pimps for profit.

We are living with a sanctions regime being deployed against the least able and most vulnerable people in society. Iain Duncan Smith has routinely lied about sanctions saying that there are no targets when leaked documents reveal that is exactly what is going on. We are afflicted by a government of liars and thieves who care so little for life the DWP even refuse to update the figures of the dead. The greatest insult of all is that you hold our lives so cheaply and treat us with absolute contempt. — in Peasedown Saint John.

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