Poverty is a crime only in those who maintain it for profit.

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January 17, 2014 by socialaction2014

Poverty is a crime only in those who maintain it for profit.

A letter a day to number 10. No 628.

Saturday 18 January 2014. Poverty is a crime only in those who maintain it for profit.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

So Osborne is thinking about upping the minimum wage to £7 an hour come October 2015. On an eight hour working day that’s £56 a day before tax, or, after tax, half of what you spend on a haircut apparently. Bearing in mind that this is the minimum wage, not a living wage, everyone in receipt of this patronising munificence is a member of the working poor and most will be in receipt of tax payer, remembering they are also tax payers, welfare top ups which effectively support every business that pays the minimum wage.

Naturally, Osborne is being cautious about this because too high a rise could cost jobs, he says. Hmm, maybe, but what, I wonder, are the figures for companies who are very profitable and therefore exploit the minimum wage and thus their workers? This pre-election sweetener, if it ever actually sees the light of day, which is doubtful given your track record, is really just a candy coated bitter pill. It remains that under your misrule you have attacked workers rights and if, god forbid, you are elected in 2015, it’ll be back to the nasty party as usual and any working class people who are even tempted to vote for you should immediately make an appointment to get their heads examined.

It is at this poverty level of society that the vast majority of benefit recipients live, with notable exceptions, you for example, who you and your government accuse of having a culture of entitlement and around whom you have orchestrated a culture of hate. Far from there being a culture of entitlement, it is in reality a culture of dead end hopelessness, where getting out of bed for a days work for half the cost of the prime ministers haircut doesn’t inspire wakefulness or hope or anything worth striving for.

Poverty is not a virtue but neither is it a crime other than in those who maintain it and pursue it and the poor for profit as you do. A still greater crime is found in all those who persecute the poor. the sick and disabled, who pour scorn and hate on them and whip themselves up into a frenzy of self righteous indignation. I never imagined I would live in such times as these and I say that knowing that this is far from over.

In this escalation of inhumanity, I note that people are going to be denied medical aid if they are not deemed to be of benefit to society and what a filthy idea that is. This is already happening, only two days ago someone close to me who works full time was denied a prescription and told to purchase what she needed privately only to discover that the item could not be purchased privately. Of course, this is going to affect the elderly. amongst whom are to be found those who fought for this country in the last war, who have worked all their lives and built the very NHS that will now deny them treatment. And what of our children, those for whom any social ‘usefulness’ is many years away, will they too to be medically abandoned as useless and of no social benefit?benefit?







http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/new-nhs-drugs-policy-could-see-elderly-denied-treatment-9050297.html — in Peasedown Saint John.

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