Letter to number 10. No 524.

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September 30, 2013 by socialaction2014

Letter to number 10. No 524.

Monday 30 September 2013. Hands off the poor.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Sooo, a friend has just informed that Atos are continuing to test on Saturdays and Sundays. My, my, you are indeed without mercy, stealing even the peace and solace of the weekend. There really is no depth you will not stoop to in terrorising the people, eh, Mr Cameron? I am hardly surprised, what a low and vile war against us this is!

Do you like your weekends, Mr Cameron, away from parliament, enjoying time with your wife and family? Do you consider that quality time? Why only the other day you said, ‘I believe that men and women should be treated equally.’ Ha, what a liar you are! Or was that another of your clever deceptions, that you believe men and women should be treated equally, but that does not extend to all people in a more general sense? So what are you a liar or a deceiver or both, because you did promise to protect our NHS, didn’t you? So it’s both then. Do you think it clever to weave spiders webs of words to deceive a nation?

It is inhuman to pursue people without respite in this way. This has nothing to do with prospering the nation, Britain isn’t going to lose a few bob just because there are no work capability assessments at the weekend and it’s certainly not going to affect the deficit which we had no part at all in creating anyway. This isn’t reasonable, it’s certainly not considerate or fair, but then such niceties in the lives of ordinary people mean nothing to you. You have no respect for our family life or even our family homes as we’ve seen with the imposition of the despicable bedroom tax.

You are an entirely unreasonable man leading an unreasonable, vicious and wantonly cruel government. The regime of sanctions is entirely without justification or even legal standing as it removes from people the minimum the law says they need to live on. People on workfare are not helping the country recover, they aren’t earning anything and they not being trained for work because there are no jobs or very, very few. Welfare reform is a very expensive and shambolic scam costing us millions; £36 million lost already with the Major Projects Authority suggesting another £200 million could be written off.

Compared to the omnishambles that your government is, the pennies that you steal from us are as nothing to the incompetent, frivolous, waste by your government. It’s a no contest. I would suggest that MP’s be denied their weekends until they sort this mess out, but then they wouldn’t, they just make things worse because they are not fit for the job.



— in Peasedown Saint John.

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