New York rally for slain Akai Gurley

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New Yorkers have held a rally against a court decision to acquit a police officer accused of killing unarmed black man, Akai Gurley in 2014.

Demonstrators in Brooklyn protested the ruling by Supreme Court Justice Denny Chun. They also chanted slogans against District Attorney Kenneth Thompson who recommended the officer serves no prison time. Former NYPD police officer Peter Liang gunned down Gurley in the stairwell of a housing project in September 2014. At least two protesters were reportedly arrested during the Justice for Akai rally. A series of police killing of African Americans has sparked civil unrest across the U-S and opened debates about existing racial discrimination within the ranks of police.

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What is going on at USP Atlanta Prison Camp?

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atlanta fed camp

True to form, rather than the Feds addressing the issues the prisoners have, they retaliate by shutting off water and with holding food. Many of us have notified #ATL media outlets about the current situation and are hoping they will pick up the story and make contact with the Federal Camp. Shutting off water means the prisoners cannot flush their toilets or shower. With holding food  and confiscating any canteen is torture.

As a minimum security facility, USP – Atlanta Satellite Prison Camp – Minimum has dormitory housing. The prisoners are classed as low level risk, and USP – Atlanta Satellite Prison Camp – Minimum has no perimeter fencing and a low staff-to-inmate ratio. To assist inmates in their rehabilitation, USP – Atlanta Satellite Prison Camp – Minimum has many work programs which enable inmates to work in local institutions.

Make some noise on behalf…

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A government that sows lies and fear must reap the inevitable whirlwind.

A letter a day to number 10. No 1,447

Saturday 28 May 2016. A government that sows lies and fear must reap the inevitable whirlwind.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

I am sick and tired of fear and hate mongering. Your threat of war if we leave the EU, Boris Johnson’s argument against staying by comparing the EU to a Nazi superstate, the latest Osborne threat to pensions and pensioners if we leave, Priti Patel wanting to halve the ‘burden’ of the EU social and employment laws to give a guesstimated £4.3 billion boost to the economy on Brexit and create 60,000 new jobs without workers protections (we have more than enough job insecurity as it is).

Let’s not forget Zac Goldsmith and his shameful use of the 7/7 bombings against Sadiq Khan in the London mayoral election and especially Iain Duncan Smith’s terror campaign of sanctions on poor and vulnerable people and the subsequent deaths.

It rolls on and on, it’s been going on too long and it is a betrayal of the nation.

The latest breaking news is that there have been anonymous bomb threats to at least 27 schools up and down the country, many of them primary schools, threatening beheadings and shootings, forcing evacuations and, of course, a massive police response.

It is detestable that terrorism and modern warfare, which is itself terrorism, routinely target civilians. Despite all the weasel words, civilians and civil infrastructure are primary targets in modern warfare. This is the vilest kind of war for which governments and terrorist groups are guilty, though not in equal measures, state warfare far exceeds terrorism in civilian deaths across the world. Unicef reports: “Civilian fatalities in wartime climbed from 5 per cent at the turn of the century, to 15 per cent during World War I, to 65 per cent by the end of World War II, to more than 90 per cent in the wars of the 1990s.” Children are not spared as Unicef notes, “It is estimated that 500,000 under-five-year-olds died as a result of armed conflicts in 1992 alone.” Under fives – military targets!?! Half a million children is not a mistake!

And who can forget Madeleine Albright’s response when asked if the half million children who died in Iraq (more than died in Hiroshima) due to sanctions was worth it, “I think this is a very hard choice,” she said, “but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

What makes me sick to my bones is not just that school children are under threat from filthy anonymous cowards, but that in asking myself who would benefit from such an obscenity I now have to acknowledge that government itself has a stake in such fear and terror tactics. I have to question just how low would my government stoop in spreading terror across this nation? And you know what, I will never forgive you that such a thought would ever occur to me, but you have brought it on yourselves. You are as guilty as sin if for no other reason than the lies and fear which you have sown.

A government that lies to the people renders itself illegitimate.…/cameron-brexit-will-increase-…/…/boris-johnson-compares-eu-to-nazi…/…/let-cats-priti-patel-sugges…/…/zac-goldsmiths-bn……/death-britains-benefits-system……/third-day-bomb-threats-force-8062…

People For Schapelle Corby #Icare4innocentSchapelle


In September 2013 there was a HUGE development in the Schapelle Corby case.

The President of Indonesia, SBY, had passed the case to a Supreme Court Judge for a full investigation, pre-parole. The judge engaged in a substantial inquiry, and was provided with copies of a number of Expendable Project reports, including the Transit Report.

His report to SBY? His conclusion? You can read it for yourself, courtesy of the Indonesian mainstream press:

[“TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Supreme Judge Andi Ayyub Saleh said ‘… Schapelle Leigh Corby should be released from all charges given the anomaly in that case. Ayyub said he was the one writing Corby’s sentence reduction recommendation to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. “Not only she deserves early parole, she should be freed,” he said.
Ayyub said the case possesses several anomalies, including the chronology of marijuana discovery in Corby’s bag. It was presumed as a mere police setup since Corby has never opened the bag since leaving Australia.”]

He declared Schapelle to be innocent and pointed his finger directly at the AFP.

Despite the enormity of this development at the time, it wasn’t reported at all by the Australian media. Not once. And yes, every major newsroom was informed.

This was a MASSIVE development, yet the media in Australia refused to report it. Instead they continued to push proven and defamatory lies, usually through a dead man (Schapelle’s father). They continued to smear. They continued to censor.

This is not a free press: it is a sewer of self-interest, and it is toxic for the integrity and moral fibre of the nation.


The Media:

Supreme Court Judge