Men set free after 30 years in prison

Two men, one on death row for 30 years, are free from prison after being cleared by DNA evidence. George Howell reports.

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Words with Blakk Jakk pt2

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Krista McDaniel~another INJUSTICE

Originally posted on Prison Reform Movement's Weblog:

Krista- age 28-2014

Krista McDaniel is one of many  who as a child, was convicted as an adult and is now serving barbaric and inhumane sentences!
In 2002, just turning 16 yrs of age, Krista got caught up with  grown adults. Easily influenced,  vulnerable  and wanting to be “accepted,” she  was sentenced to 30 yrs with NO chance of parole due to just being in the company of BAD adults who robbed and murdered 2 convenience store workers. Unfortunately Krista was with them, but she did NOT know they were going to do this evil deed. “Guilt by association?” She spent two years in the S. C. jail until she turned 18, then sent to a woman’s prison in South Carolina for 30 yrs.
With the background life of Krista, NO father in her life, a mother who struggles to make ends meet, and out of Krista’s life most of…

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People For Schapelle Corby

The following letter was sent ot the Managing Director of the ABC this evening, and copied to a significant number of federal politicians.

Mr Scott,

Could you explain to the politicians, whom I have blind copied into this email, why the ABC failed to report the multiple defamation judgements against Fairfax Media reporter Eamonn Duff?

As you are aware, this was an extremely serious case, with $325,000 being awarded, plus costs. More cases are in process against the same squalid material. The defamation lies themselves could hardly have been more damaging or more high profile, given that they were perpetrated against the family of Schapelle Corby.

I can confirm that all your major news units were informed of the Supreme Court outcome within hours.

Could this obvious ABC failure be related to the fact that, like the rest of the media, the ABC itself propagated the false material repeatedly, over a period of years? Could it be related to the fact that the ABC has pushed the same smears and fabrications, which have now fallen apart?

Given the significant number of ABC reports which pushed this filth, largely protected under ‘dead men can’t sue’, don’t you think it was appropriate to actually report what the Supreme Court had to say about it?

Yes or no will do.

Do you recall the last time I wrote to you, Mr Scott? I have copied the correspondence below, for the benefit of our political friends. It relates to the ABC’s reports on the illegal AFP raids on Channel 7 and Mercedes Corby’s lawyer.

Curious, wasn’t it, that your reports airbrushed her out of the picture completely, as though she wasn’t involved. This was despite her name being at the top of every court transcript (with Ch 7), and the raids actually being about her own sister. Your staff, ridiculously, described this as “human error”.

There’s an epidemic of “human error” on this case at the ABC isn’t there? It was called “human error” when the ABC added a damaging fabrication at the end of its report on her parole application, which could have had disastrous consequences. The AAP actually blew the whistle on that one, didn’t it?

Was it human error when your staff called Mercedes Corby on the telephone and launched a tirade of foul-mouthed F-Word abuse? Was it human error when you reported false allegations against the Mr Corby (deceased) as fact, and had to retract? Was it human error when… you already know that the list is endless though, don’t you.

There is nowhere to hide, Mr Scott: it is all in black and white and recorded, and you, personally, are aware of it, because I have the digital read-receipts from your email account. It is appalling cultural prejudice and malicious dishonesty.

You are the MD of the ABC, and with responsibility comes accountability. One day, someone in Canberra may actually find the courage to call you to account.

Now tell me again: why isn’t that huge defamation story reported on any of the ABC websites, given that the original false story was plastered all over the place?

Alex Stannard
Stannard & Walker

Mr Stannard’s earlier sequence of correspondence can be viewed on the following web page:


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10-year-old boy accused of criminal sexual conduct

10-year-old boy accused of criminal sexual conduct

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Justice for Mark Duggan – 3 years on, still fighting!

Video filmed and edited by the Justice for Mark Duggan Campaign – Mark Duggan was shot and killed on Ferry Lane, Tottenham, while travelling home in a mini cab. He was being followed by armed police who performed a ‘Hard Stop’ manoeuvre to intercept the vehicle. Mark was shot twice – he was pronounced dead on the scene at 6:41pm.

The local community and Justice campaigns marched from Broadwater Farm to Ferry Lane, to the spot where Mark was killed. Remember Mark! RIP Mark Duggan!

No Justice, No Peace.
Justice for Mark Duggan
Twitter: @justice4mark

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Stolen Childhoods: The Grooming Scandal (1/3)

Stolen Childhoods: The Grooming Scandal (1

Stolen Childhoods: The Grooming Scandal (2

Stolen Childhoods: The Grooming Scandal (3

For more than twenty years the grooming and sexual exploitation of children devastated lives in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham, England. Panorama investigates why the police and council ignored warnings about the abuse that affected more than 14 hundred children. Reporter Alison Holt speaks to those who repeatedly tried to raise the alarm and hears from young people and their families, demanding to know why they weren’t protected.

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