Love Activists – how the law can bend and sway and bend again

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07 #loveactivistsCavell House, 2a Charing Cross Road is a five-storey building opposite the National Gallery, with secure vaults, large entertainment and conference rooms, and a top floor penthouse suite with great views across London. Last occupied by Royal Bank of Scotland, the building has lain empty for over a year, and squatters moved in late on Friday evening. The new occupiers received notice of civil proceedings to take place on 29th December. These proceedings were instigated by a company called Greencap Ltd. which claimed to own the building, but which is an offshore shell company that paid no tax last year, seems to have dissolved, and has a value of £9. With good press coverage, the occupiers, calling themselves the “Love Activists” announced their intention to use the building over the Xmas period to provide shelter for homeless people and to cook a Christmas dinner. They attracted several hundred pounds in…

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A Just Cause, On Behalf of IRP6, Escalates Case to Department of Justice and Questions if Rules of Professional Conduct Were Violated

A Just Cause Asks Department of Justice to Investigate if Federal Investigators Followed Proper Procedure in the IRP6 Case When Agents Contacted Philly Officials Regarding IRP Solutions

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) December 24, 2014
A Just Cause (AJC) is appealing to the U.S. Department of Justice for an inquiry into the IRP6 case questioning if federal prosecutor’s and investigator’s actions resulted in a potential contract being halted between IRP Solutions and the City of Philadelphia. “Our ongoing investigation into facts and circumstances surrounding the federal investigation, prosecution and conviction of the IRP6 raises questions if conduct by law enforcement officials resulted in a wrongly conviction,” ponders Sam Thurman, A Just Cause.
The IRP6 were convicted in October 2011 of mail and wire fraud charges in the United States District Court in Colorado (Case No. 09-CR-00266-CMA) and their appeals were affirmed by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on August 4, 2014 (Case Nos. 11-1487/1488/1489/1490/1491/1492). The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Matthew Kirsch and presided over by Judge Christine M. Arguello. The government claimed in the indictment that the IRP6 duped staffing companies into doing business with them by making “false representations” about “current or impending contracts with large government agencies, including the United States Department of Homeland Security.” (Case No. 09-CR-00266-CMA).
“The government argued that IRP made ‘false representations,’ yet AJC’s investigation of court records show that federal agents and prosecutors were aware that IRP Solutions was engaged in legitimate business activities in Philadelphia,” says Thurman. “AJC’s review of court records show that all of the evidence was not presented at grand jury or during the trial court and had the federal prosecutor presented all evidence to the grand jury and to the court, it is very likely that there would not have been a case,” argues Thurman. “The transcript from the trial shows that we were not allowed to present certain evidence like our activity with the City of Philadelphia,” says David Banks, Chief Operating Officer, IRP Solutions (IRP6). (Case No. 09-CR-00266-CMA).
“Our latest review of court documents in the IRP case show that four months prior to taking the case before a second grand jury, federal prosecutors were aware that the Philadelphia Police Department and Philadelphia Inspector General’s Office had agreed to terms with the IRP Solutions Corporation for the purchase and installation of their Case Investigative Life Cycle (CILC) software solution,” says Thurman. “Federal prosecutors failed to present this to the second grand jury and they argued against the trial jury hearing this vital information during trail,” says Thurman. (Case No. 09-CR-00266-CMA).
The AJC investigation of court documents show that in interview with the FBI, Gerry Cardenas, Director of Information Technology for the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD), acknowledged that IRP Solutions’ Case Investigative Life Cycle software solution “look exactly like what Cardenas and the PPD was looking to purchase.” Records show that Computer Chief/Security CIO Michael King was tasked with writing technical and system requirements so that the city could be prepared to install the software that IRP would provide. Court records confirm that IRP was close to installing software for PPD, but that all activity stopped when Cardenas was “made aware of the IRP investigation.” (Discovery documents – Case No. 09-CR-00266-CMA).
“Why would AUSA Kirsch pursue an indictment where he claims the IRP6 lied about ‘current or impending contracts’ when he had irrefutable evidence that the City of Philadelphia had agreed to procure IRP Solutions software,” questions Cliff Stewart, A Just Cause. “It is this type of activity that AJC believes warrants an investigation into the conduct of the federal agents and prosecutors involved in this case,” adds Stewart.
As part of the argument for a federal inquiry, A Just Cause shows that court records show that David Banks, Chief Operating Officer of IRP Solutions, sent a letter of Philadelphia Deputy Mayor of Justice and Public Safety, Everett Gillison offering PPD IRP’s search warrant module at no cost, include digitizing their search warrant documents. “Our sales efforts with the NYPD and Department of Homeland Security were scuttled from the criminal investigation and we decided that we would offer some modules free of charge and generate revenue from support and maintenance and additional customizations so we could pay our debts,” says Banks. “After Deputy Mayor Gillison and I had a discussion over the phone, I booked a flight for Philadelphia to meet him in person,” adds Banks. “After demonstrating our search warrant module to the Deputy Mayor, he immediately contacted Mr. Cardenas to view the software.” (Discovery documents – Case No. 09-CR-00266-CMA)
“Court documents show an email exchange between Banks and Gillison that substantiates Banks’ claims,” argues Thurman. “The communication between Banks and Gillison show that IRP Solutions was moving forward with fulfilling their obligation the City of Philadelphia and that Philadelphia was poised to execute on the IRP proposal,” says Thurman.
“According to Deputy Mayor Gillison, IBM and Motorola had a contract to modernize the department’s enforcement systems but they were facing significant challenges, including search warrants,” says Banks. “Gillison provided me with copy of their search warrant document and we incorporated it into CILC within two weeks and was ready for installation,” adds Banks.
“In the FBI interview, Cardenas is reported as saying, ‘Deputy Mayor Gillison saw IRP’s search warrant software as a critical need to solve a major problem for PPD where IBM had failed to deliver according to a contract they were awarded,'” says Stewart. “A grand jury and a trial jury should have been allowed to hear this evidence; that’s why we are now seeking an inquiry at the next level,” adds Stewart.
According to a November 13, 2012 article by Juliana Reyes in the Philadelphia-based publication Philly regarding the state of police information technology, PPD was reeling from a corruption scandal and was being closely monitored by a federal judge to ensure they digitized their systems to increase transparency in compliance with a legal settlement ( Reyes reported that PPD was under tremendous pressure to automate their investigative reports, including search warrants. IBM had won a $4.7 million dollar, 30-month contract to computerize the department’s records but the project encountered significant challenges, including a project that lagged on for 10 years with a $2.4 million dollar budget overrun and a search warrant solution that wasn’t delivered. “When I contacted Deputy Mayor Gillison I was unaware of their critical need for a search warrant solution and judicial oversight but was very excited about the opportunity,” says Banks. “I believe that IRP Solutions was in an excellent position with the City of Philadelphia, but I have serious questions about what the FBI and the AUSA Kirsch did when they contacted city officials”, ponders Banks. “A great sales opportunity went away and we feel that the actions of the federal agents and prosecutor hurt our reputation,” adds Banks. “Court records show that there is reason to question if federal agents and prosecutors violated rules, and we are thankful that A Just Cause is pushing this case to the next level,” exclaims Banks.
Court documents show that IRP Solutions made a similar offer for the CILC case management solution to the Philadelphia Inspector General’s Office that was accepted by IG Amy Kurland. Court records confirm that Kurland made arrangements for Banks and Walker to meet with Mayor Nutter where he would ‘thank’ IRP Solutions for what it was doing for the City of Philadelphia. Court records further confirm that Lorelei Larson, Chief Investigator for IG’s office, states to Banks in an email, “All the OIG staff is very excited about this venture” (Discovery documents – Case No. 09-CR-00266-CMA). Records show that business halted after IRP Solutions was contacted by the office of the IG. “Ms. Kurland’s secretary contacted me and informed me that Ms. Kurland had been told by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kirsch over the phone that ‘an indictment was coming’ and she regrettably had to cancel our software project,” says Banks. “Statements made to like ‘an indictment is coming’ are inappropriate especially when there was no grand jury impaneled at the time,” says Thurman. “That type of activity is one of the issues AJC wants an independent panel to review,” adds Thurman.
According to the American Bar Associations Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 3.8, Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor, “The prosecutor in a criminal case shall: “Refrain from prosecuting a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause,” says Thurman. “Court records show that AUSA Kirsch empanelled a second grand jury after an initial grand jury did not return an indictment against the IRP6. Is it ethically and morally wrong for a prosecutor to pursue a second indictment and prosecution when, like in the case of IRP with Philly, there is evidence that the business was legitimate,” adds Thurman. “It gives credibility not only to the excellence of the CILC software but to the argument that other IRP sales efforts with the Department of Homeland Security, NYPD and other agencies were also destroyed by the actions of the FBI and U.S. Attorneys Office,” concludes Thurman. “This makes A Just Cause hopeful that folks at the federal level will take a hard look at the IRP6 case and see that there are grounds for an independent inquiry,” says Thurman.
A Just Cause (AJC) continues its advocacy and review of court records for the six Colorado information technology executives known as the “IRP6″ (David A. Banks, Kendrick Barnes, David A. Zirpolo, Gary L. Walker, Clinton A. Stewart and Demetrius K. Harper).
For additional information on IRP Solutions and the City of Philadelphia, go to
For blog posts by David Banks (IRP6) go to!stand-up-blog/ci23/Page/3/
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Merry Christmas one and all. The baby that survived his mothers sanctioning.

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10687207_697282403722649_5533992748708273346_nI look at this photograph of this baby and I see a miracle. This is the baby born to the lady who was sanctioned whilst she was 23 weeks pregnant. Ashton Under Lyne Job centre told her that it was tough she was pregnant and not ill so she should just get on with it. Luckily his mother didn’t starve, although if it wasn’t for the kindness of others she would have done. She was traumatised. It wasn’t bad enough that she was forced to attend a totally unfair workfare placement whilst she was 23 weeks pregnant… nope Ashton Under Lyne Job centre had to go that step further and sanction her for not breaking the law.. for confirming the fact that she was pregnant with B&Q when they asked her. This sanction was totally illegal and contravenes every human rights law that exists. She was left without heat, food…

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Cameron and the abomination of bearing false witness.

A letter a day to number 10. No 956Thursday 25 December 2014. Cameron and the abomination of bearing false witness.

Shares are encouraged and welcomed. If this letter speaks for you and you wish to send your own copy please feel free to copy and paste, and alter for your own needs the text for your own letter.

Website updated, letters and replies plus bonus material featuring Mr Suggs, Eeyore and Ribbit.

Also on the website, download the support compilation three album set from Atona.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I wondered if you would have the gall to invoke the Christian message this Christmas. If you are going to invoke the name of God you really should exercise a little more care. Bearing false witness is described in the Bible as something that God regards as an abomination.

If one believes in God as the creator of all things then certain things pertain, one is that nature, creation itself, bears witness to the kind of unbending will you are up against. Nature is always true to itself, the laws of nature are immutable, whether one believes in a divine creator or not, nature does not cheat, lie or steal and is never, ever, false. Nature bears testimony to itself, its truths embodied in every atom of its being, unchanging and dependable and human kind take a terrible risk if we mess with nature. When scientists explore nature, theories and hypotheses are tested against the self existing truths of nature. Nature does not bend to science, science must bend to nature. We may misunderstand nature and misrepresent it in ignorance, but nature is a bedrock against which theories and hypotheses stand or fall. You cannot cheat nature and that gives us a very dependable clue to the nature of God, if we believe there is such a being, you cannot cheat God. If an atheist chose to explore God as a theory, he or she would have to conclude that such a being, responsible for the entire material universe, would have to be true to itself, unbending, enduring and absolute and against which anything and everything could be tested and anything false would, as every scientist knows, cease to be. The scientific method gives a taste of how brutal and supreme reality is, testing ideas and hypotheses to utter destruction if they ‘prove’ false.

You are not ‘giving, sharing and taking care of others’ in Britain apart from aid to those who least need it. If voters choose ‘generosity and inclusion’ in the looming election battle next year’, it will not be your party that gets the votes. If people reflect on ‘those very Christian values of giving, sharing and taking care of others’ they will also reflect on the bedroom tax, 80,000 sanctions for Christmas, a million food bank users, many in work, benefit caps, wages caps, the rejection of aid from Europe for food banks, the loss of legal aid, forced labour under workfare, an extra 300,000 in absolute poverty, children searching through bins for food, the disproportionate attacks on disabled people and our mounting dead. And that is just a very partial list.

I wish Britain well with every atom of my being, but Britain will not be well until you are long gone. The greatest challenge for whoever wins the general election in May will be in undoing the harm you and your government have caused and that will take a great deal of time and effort.

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Street dog’s foot caught in deadly trap. Watch his rescue with a tissue!

Animal Aid’s helpline received a call reporting a dog whose paw was caught in an animal trap used to kill rabbits and other small animals. We had one chance to catch him to save his life.

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Unexpected Friend Transforms Abused Dog

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Anonymous Presents – Christine Ann Sands

Be Mindful Of Imposters.

I urge you all to use some perspective here and pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

Christine Ann Sands. (AKA wikipoet. AKA twat-waffle. AKA polymath poet. AKA Christine Ann Nevada). Has nominated herself as the official spokesperson for Anonymous. let me be clear please. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON (or leader) OF ANONYMOUS!
The message that we have pushed and will always push, is one of peace, unity and equality. There is no hierarchy amongst brothers and sisters. this has also been our greatest strength, as we cannot be overthrown by a corrupted leader.

Since her arrival on the scene, she has caused more grief, division, confusion and in house fighting amongst our brothers and sisters, on the scales of what, we have never, ever seen before… WORLDWIDE! she has gone against the fundamentals of what anonymous is. as a result, many anons, activists and hackers (including myself) from around the world have taken it upon themselves to look into her motives, who she is, her face, her real name and more info. there has been an abundance of DOX’s made, all of which were incorrect, incomplete and/or fake.
Not one person has been able to meet her in person, (a few of her associates claim they have, but this is not evidence).

ask yourselves, as a worldwide collective, thats had the ability to bring down, hack and expose NASA, ASIO, the FBI, SONY, mastercard, paypal, ebay, the NSA, and so on, how is it, that not a single anon has been able to PROPERLY identify “christine ann sands (aka WIKIPOET)? not a single one? coincidence?

many resources and allies have been asked to dig deeper into this, due to their access to certain information, such as federal databases. what has been found is alarming. Christine Ann Sands, is not who she is claiming to be, the name she has chosen, “Christine Ann Sands” is not “her” real name, it is a cover and has been sealed in the FBI database, which mostly happens for 3 reasons.
1. an informant
2. an agent
3. witness protection

however, the name itself comes from Julian Assange’s mothers name, “Christine Assange’ (ann sands -assange), using this to mae herself more appealing to wikileaks supporters (hence the alias wikipoet, and her web page “supporters of wikileaks”).
let it also be known, that one of her aliases, “Christine Ann Nevada”, is also a long time used alias for an FBI informant, which has testified hundreds of cases in courts.

How does one woman run over a hundred websites, blogs, forums, facebook accounts, twitter accounts, usually registered to “go daddy”, anchoring URL’s which dump adware and malware onto visitors?

this “person” has come out of nowhere, and it is time for her to return back to nowhere, where she belongs! for those of you who dont know, she is not a spokesperson, a leader, a contributor or a member of anonymous, and those of you who are smart, have already turned your back on her.
she is not for the movement, she is more detrimental to it then anything else we have seen before.

and whats with the van? she has completely lied about this monstrosity of a thing, from the price to the purpose, she has even gone as far to have advertized one of her websites on the side of it.

the reason this person cannot be found, is because she does not exist. there are theories of course, but no conclusive proof. one of the theories is, she is a task-force which have the utilization of some very profound and intelligent, human emotion mimicking software, led by either corporate of federal, or perhaps both. it is uncertain at this stage, but one thing is for sure, she wants to control and destroy anonymous for what it is and what it means.

She now admins one of the Australian anonymous groups, and continues to surge her power across all networks and social media platforms. she is here on the invite of, profile name, Johnny Russo. who claims to have gone into a relationship, “to get information”, since this time, he has concluded that, “the Anonymous board has decided, Christine Ann Sands, is legitimate and is not a shill, fed or threat, and that all those who think otherwise, will be targeted” and “those who are sus on her, are just jealous”. since he has changed his mind, he has removed his “exposing wikipoet videos from his youtube channel”, remained in a relationship (on fb anyway), offered alignment and support and has given her administration privileges to one of the Anonymous Australia groups. DO NOT ALLOW HER TO DESTROY AUSSIE ANON, LIKE SHE IS TRYING TO DESTROY USA and CANADA ANON!

there is a good chance that she will see this message, and i say to you Christine Ann Sands, you do not represent us, we do not support you and you will be revealed asap! CHRISTINE? expect us!

We Are Anonymous,
We Are Legion,
We Should Forgive,
With An Exception To (Christine Ann Sands),
We Do Not Forget,
To Christine Ann Sands,
You Will Be Expecting Us!

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#LOVEHQ2ACharingXRd #XmasEviction @FuelPovAction @PeoplesSELondon @Occupynn #OLSX #ONN DTG24122014

Love Activists’ protesters in standoff with police in central London
Police attend scene as squatters climb on to ledge of building close to Trafalgar Square to protest against housing crisis

• The story of the Love Activist

‘Love Activists’ squatters told they can return to serve Christmas lunch
Police keep activists out of former RBS building in London despite high court ruling they are allowed in to feed homeless
• The story of the Love Activists

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